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Ephesians 2:19-22

19Therefore you are no longer outsiders (exiles, migrants, and aliens, excluded from the rights of citizens), but you now share citizenship with the saints (God’s own people, consecrated and set apart for Himself); and you belong to God’s [own] household.20You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself the chief Cornerstone.21In Him the whole structure is joined (bound, welded) together harmoniously, and it continues to rise (grow, increase) into a holy temple in the Lord [a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated, and sacred to the presence of the Lord].22In Him [and in fellowship with one another] you yourselves also are being built up [into this structure] with the rest, to form a fixed abode (dwelling place) of God in (by, through) the Spirit.

‘All babies are born into a family.’

God arranged His plan so that no baby is ever born without a family. Every baby has a mother, a father and a string of relatives. From the moment they are born there are several adults to take care of this new born baby.

When you became a Christian you were born into a new family – a spiritual one. Just as a natural family care and nurture a baby, so you will be cared for by your spiritual family.

The most effective way we as your spiritual family will be able to care for you is by you becoming part of a small group. Your small group will be facilitated by one person (your small group leader) who will seek to minister to your spiritual needs in a special way. You will discover that each member of your small group is on a spiritual journey with you. Some will be strong Christians, others will be weaker ones. Observe them as models for the way Christians grow or how they are defeated by obstacles which stunt their growth.

You, too, will grow along with them. As a little child learns by watching parents and brothers and sisters, even so you will begin to develop your own Christian lifestyle by observing how others serve the Lord and struggle with their personal needs.

Practical Application – Explain your ‘Born Again’ experience! How did it make you feel? Did you experience a desire to want to change?

Memory Verse – Ephesians 2:19.